Upper Body

I. Weighted Dips
--A.8 x 25lbs.
--B.8 x 28lbs.
--C.9 x 30lbs.
--D.7 x 35lbs.

II. Chin-ups (supinated grip)
--A.8 x BW
--B.8 x BW
--C.6 x BW
--D.6 x BW

III. Standing DB Press
--A.8 x 35's
--B.6 x 35's
--C.5 x 35's

Reflection: Running late on time and was pumped like crazy so I skipped shrugs today. I was so pumped after dips/chin-ups that I could hardly lock out on DB press and could not touch my shoulder with the same arm. OKAY workout...better next time. Dips are coming along nicely
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