Haha, I doubt that . I need to start eating a little cleaner and not missing days. I'd also like to eat more in the mornings, but my class schedule kind of ruins that. I'll look for a solution in these next couple of days...

Going to my friend's house later to do a leg workout; he needs my help to spot him today. Kinda sucks how his basement ceiling is so low that I have to duck my head as I walk. I find small gaps to stand up straight to do deadlifts, but I get paranoid that I'm going to hit my head as I come up, which hindered my performance last time I was there. I'll make sure to find a nice spot today and try to leave my worries at the door. Trying 245 conv. DL today . With an increase of 5 lbs, I'm pretty sure the only thing that would hold me back would be my mind.

Goal: 7 reps Ideal: 8 reps
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.