Upper Body

I. Weighted Dips
--A.8 x 15lbs.
--B.8 x 18lbs.
--C.8 x 21lbs.
--D.8 x 25lbs.

II. Chin-ups
--A.8 x BW (pronated grip)
--B.8 x BW (supinated grip)
--C.7 x BW (pro)
--D.6 x BW (sup)

III. Military Press (seated - didn't feel like going outside)
--A.8 x 85lbs.
--B.8 x 85lbs.
--C.4 x 90lbs.

IV. Shrugs
--A.9 x 210lbs.
--B.8 x 225lbs.
--C.8 x 240lbs.

Reflection: Pretty good workout. Dips and chins are coming along. Would have done better on military press but I was sitting - dumb not to go outside but it was cold(pu$$). Increased ROM on shrugs.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.