Upper Body

I. Weighted Dips
--a.8 x 10 lbs.
--b.8 x 13 lbs.
--c.8 x 15 lbs.
--d.8 x 18 lbs.

II. Chin-ups (bar not wide enough for pull-ups)
--a.8 x BW
--b.8 x BW
--c.6 x BW
--d.5 x BW

III. Military Press
--a.8 x 90 lbs.
--b.7 x 95 lbs.
--c.4 x 100 lbs.

IV. Shrugs
--a.8 x 200 lbs.
--b.8 x 215 lbs.
--c.8 x 230 lbs.

Reflection: Great job on dips and chins - feel I'm improving. Upped weight on all sets of military press; I'll get 6 reps for 100lbs. next time. Chins are very hard to do after dips...but I can still see myself shooting up in weight in weighted dips and being ready to do weighted chins soon to come.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.