I. Deadlifts
--a.8 x 175 lbs.
--b.8 x 190 lbs.
--c.8 x 205 lbs.
--d.8 x 220 lbs.

II. Romanian Deadlifts
--a.8 x 155 lbs.
--b.8 x 165 lbs.
--c.8 x 175 lbs.

Reflection: Had a little 4-day break out of Christmas spirit . Another great workout. I'm in deadlift heaven right now . I am searching for a squat rack on eBay, preferably a portable one to save space. This routine will stay until I get a rack. I will see how the next few sessions pan out to decide whether to add another set on romanian's. Going to start doing crunches and cardio starting tomorrow
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