Upper body - at friend's house

I. DB Bench Press
--a.8 x 50's
--b.7 x 50's
--c.6 x 56's
--d.5 x 56's

II. Bent-over Barbell Rows (olympic bar)
--a.8 x 135 lbs.
--b.8 x 135 lbs.
--c.7 x 145 lbs.
--d.6 x 145 lbs.

III. Military Press
--a.10 x 70 lbs. - too many reps
--b.8 x 80 lbs.
--c.7 x 95 lbs.

IV. Shrugs (olympic bar)
--a.10 x 170 lbs.
--b.8 x 190 lbs.
--c.8 x 230 lbs.

Reflection: I was at my friend's house for this workout. Started barbell rows again, and I'm weak at it . I couldn't believe how much weight/reps I got out of military press. Before doing shrugs today, I knew that I could do a lot of weight. It's never really been hard to shrug it, but at 230 it was tough to keep my grip...maybe it was just his slippery bar. It feels like my strength has just soared in the past few weeks out of no where. I am probably going to go buy 2 or 4 more 25lb plates tomorrow, or at least within the week.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.