Leg Workout

I. Clean to front squats - deload(technique training)
--a.8 x 95 lbs.
--b.7 x 105 lbs.

II. Deadlifts
--a.8 x 165 lbs.
--b.8 x 180 lbs.
--c.8 x 195 lbs.
--d.8 x 215 lbs.

III. Romanian Deadlifts
--a.8 x 155 lbs.
--b.7 x 170 lbs.

Reflection: Set a new personal record for deadlifts; 8 x 215 lbs...The best I got was 3 reps for that weight. Form for squats and cleans weren't the greatest, I need to spend more time warming up next session. I will actually be happy to spend my money on more 25lb plates

BTW found out my scale was off and I'm really still 158...I believed in the 168 before because I looked and felt bigger. Oh well, I'd rather weigh the same and feel bigger than feel the same and weigh more...

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