Lower Body:

I. Clean to Front Squats (clean bar then squat then deload is one rep)
--a. 8 x 85lbs.
--b. 8 x 95lbs.
II. Conventional Deadlifts
--a. 8 x 165lbs.
--b. 8 x 180lbs.
--c. 7 x 195lbs.
--d. 7 x 195lbs.
III. Dumbbell Squats (weight for each DB)
--a. 7 x 60lbs.
--b. 7 x 60lbs.
IV. Weighted Crunches
--Didn't get to these - ran out of time. Will do tomorrow on rest day.

Overall great workout. I took jude's suggestion, which will help me improve on my clean form; light weight and deload each rep so that I do the clean many times. The two sets for this and the 2 sets of DB squats add up to 4 which compliments my deadlifts. Still have a cold so I was coughing and out of breath after each set, but thats okay, it should be gone in a few days. BTW I put plates over my toes while doing the DB squats as a temporary safety precaution, jude.
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