Haven't been recording my workouts lately, but I was pretty sick during the week of thanksgiving so I have only worked out 3 times since then. I did 2 upper body days and 1 leg day. I am just recovering and gaining my strength back now, and I am excited to be back on the saddle.

QUESTION: Do heavy dumbbell squats give the same results as heavy barbell squats? I have enough weight with my dumbbells and I would like the same benefits without a rack. (clean to front squats werent working with my lack of form with clean...will have to learn it from someone later)

Last time I did legs I did DB squats followed by DB romanian deadlifts. I still feel it in my hamstrings . Don't know if conventional or romanian is the way to go. Just trying to get the best two exercises for my leg day!

Today I did upper body. I had a great workout, and I took an exercise from a modded Rippetoe routine, called Pendlay Rows. I did DB bench press supersetted with this new exercise. I won't superset on a regular basis, but I felt it may help kick things back into gear for some reason. And man did it feel great! Pendlay rows feel so effective... Then I did military press followed by shrugs(not supersetted). Great workout!
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