Lower Body

I. Front Squats
--a.8 x 115 lbs.
--b.6 x 125 lbs.
--c.7 x 135 lbs.
II. Conventional Deadlifts
--a.8 x 175 lbs.
--b.7 x 185 lbs.
--c.7 x 195 lbs.
III. Weighted Crunches
--a.10 x 20 lbs.
--b.10 x 30 lbs.
--c.10 x 30 lbs.

I have a cough/sore throat, so it was kind of tough to work out. If I exerted too much while grunting, my throat would hurt like hell. So I took it easier and dropped a set off of each exercise. The front squats went pretty well, my form improved so much today. Weight will come with time. Decided that I'm going to stick with conventional deadlifts because there is less of a risk of injury and they are most likely the best form of deadlifts. When I did them today, my form was the best it has ever been! BTW I hadn't worked out for about 5 days before this because I was very busy and the day that I wasn't, I had a bad headache.
Can't wait for my throat to feel better! Going to go drink some Airborne and then a glass of OJ right now.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.