Upper Body

I. DB Bench Press
--a.8 x 50's
--b.8 x 50's
--c.7 x 50's
--d.5 x 56's
II. Single Arm Bent over Rows(reps are for each arm)
--a.(BW pull-ups) x 8
--b.8 x 56 lbs.
--c.8 x 60 lbs.
--d.8 x 70 lbs.
III. Military Press
--a.8 x 75 lbs.
--b.7 x 80 lbs.
--c.7 x 80 lbs.
IV. Shrugs.
--a.8 x 170 lbs.
--b.8 x 185 lbs.
--c.8 x 200 lbs.

Overall good workout. Trying to get the bench up to 56lb. DB's. I started doing pull-ups, but after the first set I couldn't grip the wood because my fingers were cold/wet. Then I counted that as one set for back and did 3 sets of rows, which went pretty well. Military press is so tough to do after doing back!
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.