I. DB Bench Press
--a.8 x 50 lbs.
--b.7 x 50 lbs.
--c.4 x 56 lbs.
--d.6 x 50 lbs.
II.Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows
--a.8 x 50 lbs.
--b.8 x 60 lbs.
--c.8 x 65 lbs.
--d.8 x 65 lbs.
III. Military Press
--a.8 x 75 lbs.
--b.7 x 80 lbs.
--c.6 x 80 lbs.

A bad workout. Right from the start I felt weak. I did much better last week with the DB press but this time I did horrible. Bent over rows went fine. During the military press I wasn't feeling too good and I got a bad headache, so I didn't do shrugs. I'll have to redeem myself next time.
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.