Elite rings are what I have although mine cost me 45 I think but thats because im in the UK. I think it's a reasonable price for what you get.

I haven't heard of an instance where they have broken but they say that they will repalce them for you for free if they do.

They're very simple to set up you get each ring on a long strap which goes through the ring and loops over whatever you want it could go over your goal for example. They come with adjusters so you don't have to find something thats a particular height to fit them onto.

I can't recommend them enough if you want somehting to do pull ups on I would say these are the way to go. As you can work a multitude of other exercises off them aswell and it will force you to stabilise yourself.

For example people may do dips off a bench or on a dip machine and may never once utilise their lats to stabilise(sp?) themselves. however you can't do this on rings. Also you can do muscle ups on them which are incredibly hard for me anyway and use practicaly every muscle in your upperbody.