Lower Body.

I. Front Squats
--a. 8 x 115 lbs
--b. 8 x 125 lbs
--c. 8 x 135 lbs
--d. 7 x 135 lbs
II. Stiff Legged Deadlifts
--a. 8 x 115 lbs
--b. 8 x 140 lbs
--c. 8 x 155 lbs
--d. 7 x 170 lbs
III. Weighted Crunches
--a. 10 x 25 lbs
--b. 10 x 30 lbs
--c. 10 x 30 lbs
--d. 9 x 35 lbs

Still getting used to front squats and cleaning the bar first. At a low weight, but still a tough exercise:). Tried stiff legged deadlifts instead of conventional for a change. Haven't done this exercise in a while and I'm wondering if it would be a downgrade to conventional deadlifts...I felt it more in the posterior chain while doing SLDL but there is probably less emphasis on the quads. Would this be a fair trade or a down-grade? I've had conventional DL in all of my routine for the past 6 straight months, so I wanted to mix it up a bit.

Suggestions? Keep in mind that I my training is more geared towards muscle building than strength.
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