Hey guys, I'm starting a log because I want to record myself and see my progress in numbers so it's easier to see where I need to improve and when I look back a few months from now I'll hopefully see a big difference.

Current Routine:

Day 1 - Upper Body:
1. Dumbbell Bench Press--- 4x6-8
2. Pull ups--- 4x6-8
3. Military Press(Barbell)--- 3x6-8
4. Shrugs(Barbell)--- 3x6-8

Day 2 - Legs & Core:
1. Front Squats--- 4x6-8
2. Deadlifts --- 4x6-8
3. Weighted Crunches --- 4x8-10

Upper Body.

I. Dumbbell Bench Press:
II. Pull ups
III. Military Press
IV. Shrugs
I am very satisfied with the DB bench press results so far. I could most likely do 4x8 on pull ups with a normal bar, but I do not have a pull up/chin-up bar and I use my soccer goal to do pull ups on. It is made out of wood and very difficult to grip. I've rolled up balls of paper towels and duct taped them to the top of the goal post to give me some grip. The problem is that once the tape gets wet from sweat or anything, it becomes impossible to grip and to dry it. I need to find an alternative and maybe make my own pull up station (doorway bars are crap and non-adjustable ones are a rip-off at $250) from the links online. I have dropped in weight on the military press since the last routine because I am so tight after doing pull ups and bench - not a bad thing as long as I go to failure. And shrugs are just shrugs .

Had a chicken sandwich(protein) and some cheerios(carbs) afterwards. Going to get some cereal with less sugar and more fiber (and less taste ).
It's not because I can, but because you couldn't if you tried.