I have been strength training with weights for about 20 years. I was a competetive shot-putter and discus-thrower in high school and college. From the begining my weight training program was intended to yeild explosive strength. The focus is Squats, benches, bent over rows and shoulder presses. The foundation is four sets of five repetitions. It is not limited to those four excerses or to 4x5 but that is the foundation. It is my belief that there are no useless muscles in the body and everything should be trained to some extent.

Curently I train in the Westen Martial arts. I do rapier fencing, sword and shield fighting and longsword fighting. I train in three different organizations each with its own set of rules and safety restrictions. In all my fighting I have found stength to be a great asset even when grappeling is not allowed. I consider it just that, an asset to be used when it suits me.

I follow a philosophy that things are best mastered when done in issolation. I drill to learn technique, I train with weights to stay strong and I sparr to learn how to bring all my physical and technical assets to maximum effect in fighting.

I have a website that details all the basics of weight training for strengh that I wish to share. It has both beginner and advanced routins:


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