ever been to a full blown Evangelistic Faith healing?

same thing as Fox Mulder had on his office poster
"I want to believe" and their healed till trying to get their wallet back, NOW a Chi Wallet Pull has great monetary value and only requires a cohort for misdirection

Naw, come on, dude probably smoked too much weed and decided to call himself sensi-Bud, poor sucker trains technique and absolutely believes in ol sensi-bud, so they practice this by starting out having sensi-bud pullin sucker back as he rocks to heels (notice the rhythmical center mass rocking of that?) until sucker just starts to fall out ABSOLUTE FAITH, sensi-bud probably did time the initial pulling physically watching the rocking and motor conditioned sucker sempai to a trigger like blowing air on his neck (not to say sensei-buds AC/DC, not theres anything wrong with that).

To believe that you might I assume be youngish and a better question at this time in life (Be ye male or female) is to ask if improper use of Tantric Sex techniques w/o partners consent can actually be used to siphon off Birth Qi to add to your own well of Qi...hopefully that made no sense at all to you, if it did and you have some how become accomplished....stop. BAD MOJO.

-Karl. Peace.
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