I just wondered if anyone could tell me how to perform an energy pull?

a no touch one? most likely with sound cues - subtle cues like the performer's change in breathing for instance could trigger the actor's timing to lean back so it coordinates with the performers gesture.

The only way to really test of course, is if a stranger for a volunteer is used, then blindfolded and earplugged. but nobody has ever passed that kind of test with ANY no touch claim of powers.

besides...what possible application could this have? annoying someone in front of you standing in a bank line?

an actual 'energy pull' would be redirecting an attacker's momentum in a way that they lose balance - if even only for a split second advantage. Timing could be refined to the point of not even having to touch them, or just lightly, to have this effect.
so, it's not so much an actual pull as it is just capitalizing on using their own momentum against them. the effect may look like they were 'pulled' a bit.

demonstrations of this (such as in aikido for instance) tend to exagurate the effect by the attacker overcommiting. This is to accent the gap between buffoon kamikaze attacker vs. not breaking a sweat holier than thou demonstrator.

even though the effect is widely exagurated and hyped in demo's or dojos going for the 'looks cool' factor - using an attacker's momentum against them (which sorta looks like a pull from the observer pov) even just slightly is very real and is a trained skill.

...which is another reason why I think people could passively learn 1000x more about 'chi energy' by taking a physics 101 class vs watching newage mystical 'chi energy' miracle demonstrations a'la illusions and trickery.

...but being entertained, believing in magic and dreaming of fantasy powers is much more fun and less work than learning physics. hence we still see discussions on forums about harnessing chi-balls.