Well, you see, Neji Hyuuga is a pretty tough customer. His special eye-seeing-power thing allows him to accurately perceive the points on your body, from which you can emit chakra. He channel his own chakra through his strikes, and uses it to close said portals. As such, it becomes more difficult to use your limbs.

The guy I know is Morris Dylan Chin and who is Neji Hyuuga? and Chin does not have all eye seeing power which i don't think anybody does besides God and i don't think Morris uses so called powers all he did was picked out pp points(and Morris is very smart when it comes to pp points and has vast knowledge of that) and struck them knocking him out it was on different parts of his chest not these portals you speak of.

Will you ever be able to beat him? No; he's an anime character. You will find it impossible to interact with him in any way, much less fight him.

Will I ever beat Morris i don't know I don't think i'm in his league yet and seriously you need to lay off that japanese anime cause this thing but Neji who just creeped me out.
Why would i write about fictional martial arts on a non fictional martial arts forum. But I do think he just made up a simple name for his style