Wow, I read the thread on canceling a contract and there are some really freaky things to do. Geez, i don't know if I have the guts to do all those things. They do make me wear Krav Maga clothes and I can't participate in class unless I wear a Krav Maga shirt. There's been a bunch of times where someone new is signing up when I have wanted to stop them and fill them in on everything they don't tell you about.

You know, they won't allow people to audit the class without participating in it. They make you leave because of some law enforcement rules, suggesting that what they teach can be used against law enforcement.

I want to post a link to their website, but I'm not sure what kind of trouble it could get me if someone from that school monitors or reads this forum. I'd like all of you to see the bio on the instructors and notice that none of them have any martial arts background, except for the founder. Most, if not all the instructors, are self-certified to some extent.