I think you have a lot of misconceptions and hopefully I can help you clear some things up.


I signed the contract and I asked about getting it canceled and they said "NO!"

All I can say there is lesson learned. No contracts! Ever!


Ok, I did go to an intro class, I am an adult, and I signed on the dotted line. On the first day it felt like a good thing. However, they did not let me know of the extra seminars that are REQUIRED if I am to progress to the next level. These are extra seminars that cost $$$.

Ofcourse, they sold you, plain and simple.


There isn't a day when one of the instructors isn't pushing clothes, a seminar or getting people to sign up for more time. It would seem to me that a good school would have people extending their time automatically

Makes sense to me too.


I've seen the Human Weapon on television and the Krav Maga they show does not resemble the Krav Maga I am shown. The Krav Maga I see on You Tube does not resemble the Krav Maga I am shown.

Shouldn't all versions of Krav Maga be the same?

No. Not all goju karate resembles the same,not all tkd resembles the same, etc...
It's all dependant on the school and how they teach. The name means little anymore.


One more thing:

Is Krav Maga the ONLY proven self-defense system in the world, as I am often told?

Proven? Not every school has proven their effectiveness. I think all arts started out 'proven' in some way or another. Today is a different story.


Maybe I am just upset at the thought I having to go to a school where I don't want to be. Sorry about the vent.

I'd be upset too after being taken for a ride.

You have some options.

1. You know you are basically being railroaded to get promotions.
2. You know they conned you into a contract.
3. You know you don't want to be there.

Stick it out and don't give them anymore money than you absolutely have to. Forget about their seminar scams and your rank. Just take as much away from it as you can.
Then when you are done with them, be done with them for good. Get the word out on what they are all about. Do you have a link to the school's website?

Then when you are ready, look around for somewhere else to train. Be openminded and do a lot of research before stepping into anything else.

Good luck.
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