I signed the contract and I asked about getting it canceled and they said "NO!"

Ok, I did go to an intro class, I am an adult, and I signed on the dotted line. On the first day it felt like a good thing. However, they did not let me know of the extra seminars that are REQUIRED if I am to progress to the next level. These are extra seminars that cost $$$.

There isn't a day when one of the instructors isn't pushing clothes, a seminar or getting people to sign up for more time. It would seem to me that a good school would have people extending their time automatically.

And yes, I do realize that it is a business and the instructors are there to make money and a living, so who ends up winning and losing here.

Ok, can I vent about one more thing?

I've seen the Human Weapon on television and the Krav Maga they show does not resemble the Krav Maga I am shown. The Krav Maga I see on You Tube does not resemble the Krav Maga I am shown.

Shouldn't all versions of Krav Maga be the same?

One more thing:

Is Krav Maga the ONLY proven self-defense system in the world, as I am often told?

Maybe I am just upset at the thought I having to go to a school where I don't want to be. Sorry about the vent.