I thought I would ask on this forum how other Krav Maga schools around the world operate.

I've been a member of the local Krav Maga school for about a year and a half. At every turn I am getting tagged for more money for special seminars, asked to buy more clothing, extended class training, etc.

The instructors are constantly informing us that what we learn in regular KM class is not enough and we need to attend all the various weekly seminars that they offer and all of these seminars are not cheap. We are talking $$$$.

I'm just a guy that is looking to stay in shape and maybe learn something practical. I'm not about turning myself into a killing machine. I've got a life apart from KM that the instructors don't seem to appreciate.

The classes have become so full that students are often asked to share equipment or take their turn to practice a maneuver which I find unacceptable as it seems every students has to pay in full to participate half the time in class.

Forget about trying to cancel the bullet-proof contract they make you sign.

It seems KM, at least in my city, has turned into a fast-food self-defense system, catering to the lowest common denominator.

How does it work for everyone else?

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