Hey Med,

Can you link us to what you consider to be good bunkai practice, done as you describe?

That would be a good start to understand what you are describing,

Actually I have never seen anything on the web that is the same as what I was taught to do and what I currently am working on. I have seen aspects of different things, however, nothing the same. I might call it Xtreme Matsubayashi based on the fact that it involves much heavier contact, body conditioning, limb destruction, and aggressive bunkai and kumite training. One of my teacher's Yondans used to talk about what he referred to as "Babies" in karate. He talked about how he met and trained with too many babies who did not understand the correlation between hard training/body conditioning and real karate. As far as our training of kata and kihon it is different because where I have seen many stop ours continues. Where many end with simply prearranged drills that is our launching platform for development of advanced skill. Our prearranged drills from yakusoku kumite, kata, and kihon and energized with more movement and free form that I have seen anywhere else. Even our arm training drills are done in the same manner. This movement and free form evolves into a better understanding of application.
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