The answer is always based on the experiences we've held. While I'm interested in what we can glean from the past, it's not so as to change what I've experienced and practice in the now.

I've trained with a wide range of highly skilled instructors in different arts. Each as skills the other doesn't posses (and often does not belive in either) and as a restult of their instructors training can do truly awesome things.

Their arts often very different, but the binding key is higher skill development. Most of the techniques I'm talking about are worthless to study until you develop both a high level of skill and more importantly a very high level of belief in your ability to make happen.

But I too have students who are unwilling to spend another 20 years to really learn another skill. They end up skilled, but not at the level of those who are willing to keep training and forget their own logic.

In the end as almost no one really uses these skills it may not be important.

My own rule is when stressed you're likely not able to respond at your highest skill levels, but the higher you train the more skill you ought to be able to use.

Let me give an example, the instructor I trained my aikido studies under regualarity had his senior students really attack full power and with no set pattern of attack. He would respond with his highest level of skill and as even he is less than perfect I've seen him clip them and ko them on the spot while still standing. Such was not his intention, but to really work at that level everyone pays a price, in this case his senior students. But as non-correct as such training is, his students also developed skills at a level that softer training could not take.

In most techniques you cannot use realistic attacks and not destroy your partner, unless you keep the response way down, and thae does resemble 'dance'. But it's not.

If you look at the patsai kata bunkai, it's not the realism of the attacks being shown, but its the skill of the person in the center which is being developed. It is a step beyond just doing the kata with skill.

A logical program has layers beyond that. Whether the individual program is logical no one can say from watching the video.

Training is only useless if you don't undestand its purpose and pursue it fully.

I don't believe there are any masters or any rank that means a durn.

What I do believe is there are indivduals who are willing to define their own limits and move to them, and then there are individuals who are willing to step beyond what appears personally logical and step beyond.

The key is of course working to find knowledgable instructors and then finding a way to pay the price, which is very high and takes long. It CANNOT be done at clinics and short time training. Skill development is very, very long term.

BTW, the purpose of karate is never to fight. I defy anyone who thinks otherwise. If used there should be no fight. If you're fighting you're not doing karate, IMVHO.

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