It's good to see such a historically restrained society trying to loosen up. (the fact that they even have these campaigns shows the perceived need of what they are setting out to do, and the simple point they feel the need to make).

The irony though, since it's always fun to point out irony, is that in Japan's ancient history - pre-feudal times 1000+ years ago, the society was more prolific by both men and women in the arts, poetry, literature and was a non-gender dominated society. Women sometimes ruled, and had equal social standing with men. There were men and women Shinto shamans. No social heirarchical distinctions or boundries.

If at any time in her history, I imagine ancient Japan could hug each other then without a time before social stratification and before repression of the 'expression of self'. You only need to read "Collection of 10,000 Leaves" and "Tale of Genji" to appreciate what a modern Japan's 'campaign for hugs' tries to recapture.

thanks for sharing this vid link hedkikr....I passed it along back to Japan.