As far as I'm aware, public kissing just isn't on in Japan. However, here in Poland it is common to kiss someone on the cheek a couple or three times when you meet.

It's also the custom shake hands with people when you meet, even if you meet them regularly. Damned annoying when some lad comes into class late and insists on shaking hnds with all the other boys in the class.

On that subject, the British shake hands at a distance and at mid height, while the Brazillians, I'm told, shake hands lower and closer. They can find it a little off-putting when they shake with a distant Brit.

In the Balkans it is not unusual for men to touch more than in UK. A colleague once put his arm through mine as we were walking and I stiffened (my shoulders!!).

Eye contac is also an interesting one. When I was teaching in UK I had some teenage Japanese schoolgirls (I'm in my EARLY-40's). In the first class I went to look at one girl's work and give her some little corrections and suggestions. She kept her head down and shouted "Hai!" after each comment.

First thing was "Hey, it's English we're doing... that's 'Yes'"... second thing... "You can look at me when I'm speaking to you... we do that here." I gently pushed her chin up so she was looking me in the eye. I think it was a mixture of terror and shock she had in her eyes!

She got over it.
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