anyone here knows any exercises that build reflex and depth perception and focus as well

A good technique for developing depth perception (apart from having two eyes, which I assume you already know about) is to have a friend walk a certain distance away and for you to guess the distance they are away from you. Knowing how tall they are will help you with juding the distance. When they walk back, they can tell you the measured distance so you can compare it to your guess. I'm still not sure why you would want to develop your depth perception for martial arts though, most often it's more important for people who have to judge distances at a glance. Similar techniques exist for guessing size, volume and numbers of people in a crowd at a glance. Important for detective work maybe, but less important for martial arts...

I would recommend joining a class in meditation to improve your focus/concentration, it's particularly good for clearing your mind of distractions.

Interestingly, playing fast action computer games is supposed to improve dexterity and reaction times. Just thought I'd mention that.

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