SofL I like how you explained that. Sen no sen and go no sen even Smore. I'm glad its in the text/cook books. I agree that it doesn't look lawful but if you are saying all along, "I don't want to fight, hey stop man don't move, I don't want to hit you!!" While you are sen no sening and hitting him Smore, it looks better to viewing public.

They will all say well the guy didn't want to fight he was telling the guy to stop as the other guy fell all the way to the ground, even kicked him to make sure he was alive once he fell. I like that sen no sen or go no sen.

Though I agree with Wing Chun guy detailed response but I use Jkogas/JKD idea of simplify or sen no... hit him as he thinks about hitting me. Now I won't advance on him but once in range, Sen no... man better safe then sorry.

I know it takes some of the required skill level away bc it don't let him get off good. U don't have to feel or be fast enough to block,trap & counter but darn it works and surprises them pretty good. Let him try to be faster then me. I'll practice that other stuff on the boards because boards don't ...

I intercept his thought, if I'm wrong I apologize didn't mean to deck you but you were too close to be sure, so Sin no sin, man.

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