Well, my teacher and I talked to the class as a whole. trying to get the point across that to do karate you have to do all parts of Karate, or we won't promote you. We then asked everybody what they liked and disliked about karate. The boy said that he didn't like pain. True he does get hurt sometimes in sparring... everyone does. Pain was the reason he chose not to spar, or at least part of the reason. The other day we did spar, and he did join in. I'm glad he chose to. Hopefully he'll stick with it.

Well I just want to say thanks everyone for your advice. This is definitely a deep subject and could be brought a lot further, and its pry something I'll encounter again some other time. I can definitely see this branching off into some other martial arts topics, but those are definitely for another time.

Thanks all.
Now the shugyo begins!