As you all know, when you teach you get all sorts of students. Well, at my dojo we don't spend much time on fighting. We only do it once every two weeks, if enough people of the required rank show up.

Last week one of our students came in, did the class, but when it was time to spar he just stood there. My instructor questioned him on where his equipment was and he said that he wasn't going to fight. When asked why, he said he didn't feel like it.

My sensei and I talked about it. We know this kid gets hurt easily. I think its because of a fear of fighting, and also that he's lived a sheltered life. Anyway, he's green belt and it's required of him to fight. My sensei and I basically reached the conclusion that well have to talk to him and that we wont be able to promote him unless he fights.

I don't think we're asking much of him. we only fight
once every two weeks and its very light contact.

Just wondering what any of your opinions or thought's may be; how would you handle the situation?