Sorry I seemed to have strayed off point.

most every style has a form of Chin Na, Chin Na techniques as part of its system as Chin Na predates most asian MA, There is no specific endorsement to Instructor, The Police seminars on empty hand (or boot) PP or a use of Asp to strike PP was conducted over a month and run by a Chin Na Inst who was great and emphasized the dangers in PP strikes esp those all those not in forearm/hand or mid femur to foot.

As to the the Cruise thing, there is an ad posted in my old Dojo, seems a certified school is running a KO PP class on a cruise liner, It seemed like such an idiosyncratic idea to be on a Leisure cruise to learn potentially fatal or brain damaging techniques, and I believe I did see the words 'demystify' and 'previously secret', that just stuck in my mind.

sorry for the negativity, I would endorse Chin Na instructors with much experience and maturity.

uh, yeah, thanks for the word for my mom, havent known her as 'her' for 30+ years. I Think my negativity was a reflex reaction to potentially brain damaging someone vs. killing them (I know odd dichotomy), your post has helped me see that. Thank you.

hope i brought it back to MA training
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