wish I hadnt got tired of looking at my old post on PP in grappling sitting there doing nada.

For once i'll try to be brief and please I mean no offense to other styles, this is simply my opinion and can be ignored as easily as any other post I place.

PP tactics to "Knock Out" an individual is (just deleted some negativity) so freakin dangerous that those teaching such really should limit PP instruction to a very few points (like 3), from what ive seen the "Knockout" comes from what is called sealing the breath or sealing the arteries in Chin Na and all these PP fall into the Dim Mak category. At least a good Chin Na instructor waits a long time before these are taught and they also teach how to heal what has been done before death.

The general feeling I receive (opinion only) is a caviler "You too can learn hidden mysteries to defeat anyone". Chin Na been round long time, its no mystery.
Its a fast out for kids (folks too immature) with no control of technique or temper, to strike to hard and seal the breath then 5 min later a father or son is dead or vegetative. that is why much of what is now taught on "Cruise the Caribbean and learn to accidentally turn a person into a carrot (or radish, kale, heck pick a veggi)" was Hidden.

As my mother is basically a Brussels sprout in a skilled Nursing Facility I feel free to say there are fates worse than death, and a week long seminar on a Cruise Ship (read floating meat market) to those who can PAY is a recipe for Sezchuan string-bean...but the jinn is out the bottle.

as for no touch knockouts...a stone works much better
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork