Thank-you, Iaibear for playing along & the prize goes to Emily for the correct answer.

This is a very good example of cultural differences - not a question of wrong vs right. My point throughout was & is that any action can be interpreted in many ways & that consideration should be given to the people/cultural the action is impacting. This can be as simple as taking a mon to international diplomacy.

Somehow, my pointing out that Americans (I know, a wide generalization) tend to see things less from an international perspective & more from a national perspective bent some members out of shape. I speak from my experience as we all do. I've been in 7 foreign countries, not as a tourist but w/ family/friends so I was privy to local talk & opinions. When gross generalizations about Americans run contrary to the norm, I speak up & educate them as well.

Did I go over the top in my last thread? Yes, & for that I apologise to the members as a whole. But I'm not running away, making excuses or retracting my comments. I don't understand why a few let it get personal.