Aaaah, the virtues of youth...light in life experiences but heavy in opinions.

Maybe you'll understand in 20 yrs.

BTW, if you really understood, the subject centered around a non-Japanese considering doing something I believed would be in poor taste or uninformed. I would have done the same if a Japanese proposed doing something that had the same conotation in America.

So it's not a simple issue of contradiction (although on the surface it might appear so). If you were able to see deeper, you'd see this. My general comment about Americans because I was addressing Americans. My personal experiences regarding were specific. I noted that you train in a traditional JSA dojo. I wonder if you had any discussions w/ your Japanese Sensei. Just ask.

Ask what Japanese may feel about a Gaijin adopting a kamon for personal reasons.

Ask his feelings regarding the bastardization of ttraditional JSA.

Ask him if Americans/Europeans have difficulty understanding Japanese culture/mind/soul.

You think you have it all together & any opinion that upsets your view of the world is condescending. (and yes, I meant that sentence to be condescending). Grow up & don't get your feelings hurt so much. (that was condescending too)

Have a good one.