Of course I'm NOT implying "only real Japanese people can dare train in real Japanese Martial Arts".

I said what I mean & I mean what I said, no more - no less. No implications, subtle messages or hidden agenda.

For the record, I presented another POV - my perspective as someone who is sensitive to & understands Japanese mind. I'm not speaking for all Japanese (that would be silly, wouldn't it) but my comments are valid; they're not something I'm making up just to be contentious.

Fact is that I've met many Gaijin in Japan who have assimilated into Japanese culture &, in some ways, are more Japanese than me.

I understand why many Gaijin see Japanese reverance for ancestors & traditional culture archaic &, in the midst of popular high-tec culture, a bit odd. But I understand how & why this dichotomy exhists becuase of my bi-cultural upbringing.

Just accept that Japan & it's people are a collection of contradictions & leave it @ that. If you want to understand, you can but it's usually more effort than most Gaijin are willing to expend. Not a bad thing...it's just the way it is.