Thankfully Helen my wife makes my lunch everyday that includes my morning and afternoon meals, so it is easy to stay on track. She gives me a lot of fruit plus the cereal bar because it is easy and simple for her to throw into my lunch bag ... and I like it though eating like this gets a little repetitious and boring so having left overs sometimes is fine, though that doesn't happen too often.

For me after my surgery on my knee in December, I had cut back all of this to allow for me not being as active as I did not want to gain any excessive weight. I wasn't able to do all of this for months with MA for 5 months and so my activity levels were not so high and I wasn't as hungry. I started weight lifting light a few months after the surgery but not to the degree I was so still didn't need the extra food. Then I started to really get into my weight lifting but still wasn't that hungry so only increased my eating slightly. However in the last while I've become very lazy which is not something I'm liking. Knowing that once I came home that I had to weight lift or going to MA training was sapping my energy and I was hating coming home. I've got things I'm implementing to make this better and to get back on track and diet is one of them. After 10 years of weight lifting and 5 years of MA training, having a lazy period isn't too bad as long as you recognize this and fix it, which I'm doing.

For my activity levels I'm eating enough right now to maintain myself but to grow bigger, stronger and faster; I need to start increasing things again to obtain this ... and that is in my SMART Goals.