Here are some video of me teaching some techniques in some of my classes. Maybe they will help some and give some ideas.

Also before anyone asks or mentions it: I am a Purple Belt in BJJ. I wrestled for 5 years then after wrestling I started BJJ/Sub-Wrestling and have been training in BJJ/Sub-Wrestling for 7 years, During that time I have been training Judo for about 5 years. So about 12 years grappling experience total. Just for those who may be concerned with my rank and experience :-)

Videos without the gi:

The Armbar (There are particular things that I do that I find makes the armbar much more effective for myself)

I know that theres a million videos posted of the basic armbar, but I figured I'd post another one. This is a video of me teaching a basic armbar. Some things that I like to point out when drilling a basic armbar is:

* controlling at the elbow with your opposite arm
* keeping your elbows tight
* establishing head control
* keeping your legs tight and knees together
* pushing at the face to make room to get your other leg over
* not moving your hand off of your opponent's elbow as you push his face
* angling your leg that is across their neck to the back of their head so you can get more leverage.

The North/South Choke Without Using the Arm

Here is a video of me showing how I do this choke without the arm in and how I clear the arm.

X-Guard Kneebar and Sweep from Kneebar attempt

This video shows:

*Getting into the X-Guard from butterfly guard. This was also shown in the gi video I posted, but this one is a bit clearer.
*Going into a kneebar from x-guard
*Switching to a sweep from the kneebar from x-guard

Basic No-Gi Flower Sweep

This video discusses the flower sweep without the gi on and covers the arm positioning I work to get for this sweep especially without the gi on.

Butterfly Pass Defense into No-Gi Open Guard Attacks

This is a video of me showing a defense to a common way to set-up passes against the butterfly guard. Then it goes into attacks off of a no-gi open guard going into a kimura, triangle (two ways), and oma plata

Closed Guard BJJ Techniques

This video I posted about a year ago in reply to a post on

Videos with the gi:

Breaking Open the Closed Guard on Knees

Here is a video of me showing how I break open someones closed guard when I'm on my knees. This is something in the past that I used to have trouble with, but since I have experimented with it a lot I have found some really good details that has helped me to use this a lot with high percentage results to get my opponent's guard open when I am on the ground.

While I do feel opening the guard from standing is very effective, there are times where it may be more effective to open someones guard on the ground.

Some points that I bring up in the video that I feel are important:

* Sitting low on my heels to make my base stronger
* Keeping the tops of my feet flat to keep may body and base from leaning forward
* Doing a shrugging motion so I can properly find and place my elbows in the pressure point areas in the inner part of my opponents knees.
* Leading more with one arm so I can use it to check my opponent back down or what people call use "floating hands"
* Placing my knee under directly under the butt check of the arm that is leading more. You'll find that if you place your right knee under his left butt cheek that it lifts his hips off of the ground and he can not reach up effectively anymore with his right arm. Leaving him only to reach with his left arm in which I am aware of.
* Bringing your other knee up and stepping your leg back as you turn your hips into the groove that is made by his locked ankles.
* Sinking your hips back down as you place pressure down with your elbow to complete to opening of his guard

Single Stack Pass to Knee Pin Pass

In this video I show the basic single sided stack pass and the basic knee pin pass. It also shows you how the two passes link very well together and how by using them together they make a great combination.

X-Guard Techs (Cross Grip Sweep and Armbar)

Here is a video of me showing an X-Guard sweep and armbar with the gi on and a short explanation of how to get into the X-Guard from butterfly guard.

Bullfighter Pass with Gi

This video shows the Bullfighter pass, and finish in two different ways. Finish into the knee on belly or finish into the reverse scarf hold. There is detail information on the mechanics of hip control with the reverse scarf hold and the importance of certain aspects such as standing up to break the guard and the motion of your legs when passing that I think are important in my opinion.

Thanks for watching!