Ground fighting is usually wrestling, sambo, bJJ or one of the other ones I forgot. I love UFC, I'm more of a ground and pound kinda person than a striking/standup person. That's funny how there's mostly females in your MMA class...there' mostly males in mine. And more females in KB. I love MMA and BJJ and Martial arts in general. I think it still amazes people that I love it (as a female) because no one in my circle of friends or even friends of freinds are interested in martial arts and when I told them I MMA training among KB and others...they are like WHOA lol...I love UFC, Pride, IFL, and WEC. I watch it all the time. It's funny how i used to watch it for fun but now I'm in MMA I watch it to study and learn lol.

Maybe one day I'll compete but for now I do it for fun.
Me: "Yeah but you guys beat me up alot..." Sensei: "That's okay, we've gotta toughen you up..."