Yes... The Shimomura-ha is still practiced by one or two groups in Kochi. Iwata sensei’s group still maintains some elements of Shimomura-ha as kaewaza (variations) to their MJER as well, and some other groups might too.

For all intents and purposes the Tanimura-ha was simply renamed MJER by Oe sensei. But, if you mean does a more “close to the original as possible” MJER exist, well that’s debatable and could ruffle some feathers. If you mean does the original dojo of Oe sensei still exist in Kochi and does this dojo still maintain a less altered version of the art, including the preservation of most, if not all the paired sets not practiced by many lines, then yes. This dojo was run by Takeshima Toshio sensei who recently passed away. He was a student of Fukui Harumasa and designated an “assistant” or “small” (bonkei) soke after MJER left Kochi with Kono Hyakuren sensei.

Takeshima sensei was letting a few foreigners in to train (both westerners and Japanese outside of Kochi), but his successor, Muranaga Hidekami, has promptly closed the doors to those outside of Kochi. The general impression I’ve gotten though some private correspondence is that those in Kochi were “not happy” with the way succession went in leaving Kochi. Some other lines share a similar sentiment. Aren’t budo politics fun!
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