It wasn't that I didn't know his name, it was that I crossed the spelling of his name, of course Kanryo Higashiona wasn't on The Human Weapon, though I have seen his lastname spelled like Morio's. I admitt that I made a mistake, I have numerous tapes of the Man, and know that he is well thought of as a Goju Master. But I'm just a distance fan of his, I at one time thought that he was a decent of Machu, until I double checked the last name spelling, and found that sometimes it spell identical. When I'm at work I'm just typing between two screens, typing off the cuff of my thoughts.
My bad.

I guess again hang the messager. Would you want heavy conditioned hands at 70+ years old? Was the question not that my Instructor and I were wrong in defining Meijin or Menjin, I've never seen that on his Gi, i don't watch his every move.

Or if Kanryo or Morio have same name spelling.