Hello Ed:

What do you make of the now accepted usage of Accupuncture in the treatment of pain or other assorted diseases in Western Hospitals? It survived the double blind route and works sufficently such that its sanctioned...


Good question. Probably for the same reason there are also hospital chaplains and psychiatrists on staff. Although the alternative treatment can't be 'proven' to cure anything, it CAN be proven to 'do no harm'.
Which was found to be the case with acupuncture needles in 1996.

so I'm not sure it's as accurate to say that western medicine necessarily reguards this type of treatment as comperable to scientific method...they can only say "if something feels better and is deemed safe, then go for it."

once the needles and qualifications were regulated, acupuncture was deemed 'safe to do no harm'.

besides, it's popularity increases revenue for the hospitals while directing the flow of minor ailments as well as long-term chronic ailments, easing burden of doctors to treat the serious physical injuries.