Apologies for not taking a better shot at your question.

I can make parts of my body very difficult for you to move by simple grabbing, twisting, turning? Some call that "chi"

I can "increase my power" (make it far more difficult to perform several kinds of techniques on me) using certain mental focus/imagry alone. Some call that "chi"

Proximity. I come into point blank range of someone, whom I have never met before, and get an incredible feeling; whether lust, fear, a feeling of their tangible power. That tangible feeling, that impression, some call "chi".

I have seen the "selected break" on ESPN and heard of it elsewhere several times. I would love to see it in person. If it exists some would call that chi...

In the martial context anything that would have a specific usage in a combat situation, would have obvious value. If I was harder to move around, or could keep my position against your attempts to move me... if I can use little effort and repel/ignore your attack... all would be wonderful technical abilities. Hopefully this will help get back on tract the discussion I think you might have hoped for in some respects anyway.