however, my earlier question went unanswered: does a synthetic leaf made out of plastic emit an energy?

Yes it does but no point in arguing about it as plastic leaves dont practice martial arts well at least the ones I have seen dont. Maybe other things could be discussed such as rooting or spirelling or even martial arts techniques that make use of chi maybe?

Ps I think from your lack of response you were proven wrong about the experiment but never mind, dont feel bad, be happy, have chi, these things happen.

you are incorrect. These are YOUR words:


The gas ionization photographed around the body needed a living body with electro and mechanical energy in the body as well as the other elements required for the experiment. The fact it wouldnt work in a vacuum only proved it wasnt paranormal.It doesnt disprove the human body is a walking bundle of electro and mechanical energy.

nope, doesn't need a living body.

from the wikipedia article:

In addition to living material, inanimate objects such as coins will also produce images on the film in a Kirlian photograph setup.

therefore, using your logic, I could also say that the Kirlian effect does not disprove that a twinkie is 'a springy bundle of electro and mechanical energy'. since the results are the same with living vs. inanimate. I could also say the Kirlian effect doesn't disprove bigfoot or the lost city of Atlantis.

see the point? This type of photographic effect doesn't support any argument that we are walking around emitting energy. which is what wristwister stated:

The body is a walking bundle of electro-mechanical energy, as evidenced by kirilin photography, so "blending ki" (which is the basis of Aikido) could involve any number of people, correct? Then why would me lending her my "hand position" create that dynamic? The only answer is "ki"... because there wasn't anything else in play there.

Which showed his misunderstanding (as most chiropractors beleiving in this photo effect do), that in fact, inanimate object also produce similar effect. however, if he's willing to say his hand produces as much ki energy as a twinkie, then Kirlian photography could not disprove that claim either.

Did you see the average age of the people reading here? SOMEBODY has to point them in the alternative direction of critical thinking in this forum section.