"some of the healthiest people I know"

hardly a long-term or wide-reaching figure.

average age of death in China 1000AD: 30
average age of death before western medicine in 1800 China: 40.
average age of death in 1900 China: 57.
average age of death today in China: 80.

so in 800 years of chi-medicine, they got 10 years added.

in 100 years of western medicine thay got 17 years added.
in 200 years they got +40.

hmmm...maybe chi-based traditional medicine isn't all it's cracked up to be. ya think?

has anyone every been to a US medical grad. school? I'd say of the foreign alumni, Chinese make up at least a good 60%....then they go back to China to practice medicine. those are the same individuals who keep China's birth/death index comparable to 1st world standards - not the village chi-witch snake-oil doctors pushing ginseng and sticking electrode needles in patients....sorry, 'customers'. or the politically correct term now 'clientel'.

give credit where it's due. Chinese medicine makes people 'feel' better. western medicine makes people better.