don't get so caught up in defining what a "regular joe" is, he does not exist. He is just a fictional representation of all members of a population. Each population will have a different regular or average Joe. if you live in a slum area of a third world country then your average joe is going to be a lot different then if you live in a prosperous upper-class area of a well developed nation. if you are living in an aging population the students probably won't be the average, if your living in a university down then they just might.

Demographics make a big difference. you can only compare whether MA training as an advantage over the regular Joe in your population. so when answering this forget about others definitions of "regular Joe" and use your definition or what you think is the average joe. if there is enough responses from various populations then a general result will come forth.

We must be careful not to become to fixed on what we are comparing, martial arts develop many aspects, some martial arts are heavily health and fitness oriented. Tai chi For eg, then we should be looking at whether a tai chi practitioner is more healthier then mr Joe. there are so many different ways to measure MA v's Joe.

my point being don't answer this question based on someone else's Joe use your own, in the long run it will be more accurate.

BTW I answered "4: A lot. This ain't no Tupperware party, pal.", from my personal experience I have found MA gave me a huge advantage over others and not just in the concern of a fight, but in many other aspects of life. I found that I was more confident then the average Joe, in situations like job interviews, I was more willing to take action (and leadership) in an emergency situation. in my TMA days I was more disciplined then most ( I'm probably a bit lazier today) my flexibility was far superior to mr average. etc etc

If we are talking pure fighting or defending against Joe then I still answer 4. But it must also be acknowledged that the majority of my MA studies have been geared towards effective street and real world violence management, my instructors had been there done that. others train MA for other reasons some of which are in no way combative.

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