Just got back...

Although I've never done any knife work per se (just my past experience w/ Arnis), it was an eye-opener. Although I didn't ask, everyone who was wearing a rig had @ least 6-8 knives.

Anyway, we learned a 9-ct template for both hands, applying them R-lead, L-lead & simultaneous, disarming, close-range drills & reversals. My head is still on overload. Luckily my training partner was patient w/ me (Thanks Nar - if you're out there).

Chris Sayoc was easy-going & very helpful. Tom Kier was also approachable & knowledgeable. The both gave the impression that they were as dangerous as they were friendly.

I hope that I can continue in some way to improve my meager skills but I feel that w/ the small amount of skills I acquired today, I'm more aware of the deadly consequences. I recommend Sayoc Kali 100% to anyone interested in realistic weapons skills.