I call you sensei because you are a man of higher rank than I as well as experience in sword arts. I respect the views of you and Sensei Kim because you guys have a clue and have met dana. If you guys dont like him cool, but it makes many forum posters comment on things they do not know or understand becayse they do not have the experience you guys do....

I constantly hear things from people when I run a weekly training group. A few other JSA students from other dojos come in and referance goshindo and chanbara from posts like these as well as many on other forums. Again fallowing what you guys say rather than finding out on their own. I did not know about such postings, but found them fast. I aim to correct the remarks of people who do not have the experience to make comments as you do.

As far as tai kai. I agree it is a good way to get people together, but there are allot of medals and prizes. If it was all about testing yourself and having fun their would be no medals no first or 3rd place and no Yusho of the tai kai. And I have heard of people getting higher ranks for good tai kai performance. As for Why goshindo and chanbra being inventd you are not quite right...

"I have dreamt of a venue where swordsmen and other martial artists from East and West could compete safely, fairly, free from injury, cumbersome rules and overprotective gear. This easily adopted concept could be applied universally in gyms, martial art schools and sports centers throughout the world.

Up to now, martial artists and swordsmen all over the globe never had the opportunity, nor were they able, to match their special skills and techniques in a single competition.

Envision a learning center attended by a mixture of combatants embracing European, Middle Eastern, Western, Asian and African martial art styles. Visualize a European epee matched against a Middle Eastern saber both capable of astounding one-handed manipulations. Imagine the Cora fencers of Asia, who are noted for their lightning-quick thrusts, fending off an African Masai tribesman's lance or evading a stick fighter from the Philippines.

Add to this sublime menu of combatants the traditional Japanese samurai versed in swords, spears and staves and you will discover “Heaven on earth in one arena."

-Tanabe Sensei

Tanabe sensei's goal is to bring people together for a common bond. No matter what or where they train they can all have a good game of physical chess. If you and other sensei would be more respecting of different ryu and focus more on what is the same rather than what is different there would be allot more events to meet old friends and make new ones...

It just seems like with comments new or old you like to draw a line and say " hey I am not with that guy ". I will climb off my soapbox now... I just ask that people stop public bashing of Goshindo and Shihan Abbott.