Not entirely sure what your point was with those two posts Ricky, but I've got a couple of comments on them ... First, this thread is quite old. Second, please don't call me sensei.

I would find it hard to belive that no one in Batto fed has ever referanced tai kai medals when talking about skill and ability...

I wouldn't. I just moved and, while I was packing, realized that I've got 25 or 30 medals from various tai kai, Batto Fed and otherwise. I've no idea how many of what kind or from where, so I would find it impossible to "reference" tai kai medals for anything. Tai Kai are about testing your own abilities and hanging out with old friends, not about winning things to put on a resume.

Any way you want to spin it, chanbara was meant to give kids a fun and safe way to have sword fights. Mr. Tanabe says almost these very words when describing why and where he invented it.