Well, I just spent the past 2 days sitting in on my sons class watching Mr. Abbott. Feb 23 and Feb 24.
The 23rd was a Chambara tournament for the young kids in our Dojo. Mr. Abbott took over the tournament which suprized our Sensei.

I'll tell you right now, after watching him for two days, I like the guy. I was expecting him to be arrogant, throw his superiority around and kind of awe everyone. He acted just like a normal confidant instructor. The kids loved him. After warming up for 20 minutes, he started the tournament. (I'll tell you one thing, we usually have parents that are fidgity, waiting for a tournament to start on time. But everyone forgot the time watching him control the kids. He even got the problem kids to do push-ups and no one complained. Tournament went fast and smooth.

After the tournament, there was a first seminar for the adults. Several students from different Dojo's attended. 4pm-8pm for a first day was quite a workout. Everyone was dripping in sweat and tired. Sunday was a bit different, but more of the same. Different people from other Dojo's showed up. 10am-4pm. People that got tired, couldn't understand instructions or goofed off in general were "razzed" by Mr. abbott. Again, his superiority was not an issue. He was just a plain instructor.

Oh and yes, Chambara was part of the main excersizes. Like it or not, we have schools in the area that teach it. Including my sons school. And as Mr. Abbott puts it, a padded sword is easier to manuever than a person dressed in armor. As a parent, this makes it safe for little kids to start off right away learning the sword. And the kids are aften yelled at to treat it as a real sword.

Right now, there is a 2nd tournament scheduled for tonight, a seminar Tuesday morning and 2 final seminars Wednesday.
As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Abbott is a professional and I got my moneys worth from these seminars. And my son is enjoying this too.
It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.